If you want to learn Java become a professional programmer?

If you want to learn Java become a professional programmer? BrainBitz is the best place to learn java .BrainBitz is the only place in kerala for beginners, who wants to learn Java from scratch to advanced level. We make you involved with java as much as possible. Learn new frameworks, design techniques. We provide academic projects in java for B Tech ,MCA,BCA, IT, and other Computer Science students. We are one of the leading institute in cochin who train java. We provide java training for btech students.MCA students ,BCA students and other professional graduates.

As you know there is lot of programming languages other than java. But still java plays an important role in application development due to its portability and ability to adapt to new hardware trends. There have been so many trainees coming to our institution at Cochin to learn java.

Why we suggest you to learn java?

  • Learn more sophisticated computer programming languages
  • Improve your logical thinking
  • Program in the object-oriented world
  • The world of programming languages are keep running .New programming languages are keep coming. But if you know java nothing new to you.
  • Show off to your friends .
  • Get an extremely high paying job as a Java developer/software engineer
  • Java has flung open a whole slew of possibilities to spruce up a page on the Internet. Every little Johnny in the world, who has anything close to a GK, knows that Java can change lives.


Programming jobs are not going to go away, and the number of jobs is expected to grow at least for the next 12 years. Computer programming opportunities are EVERYWHERE, and those who have programming experience have an incredible service to offer to those who have no technical knowledge.Learn Java to begin your incredible journey of software programming today! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


Core Java 
Problem solving techniques and Flowcharts 
Using the Building Blocks 
Data Types 
Controlling the Flow 
Using Program Units 
introduction to Java technology 
Setting Up Your Computer 
Java programming basics 
Java Data Types and Primitive Types 
Control Structure 
Java Arrays 
Built-in Java Classes 
Creating own Classes 
Packages and Java class path 
Abstract class and Java Interface 
Inner class 
Exception handling 
Java Collections framework 
GUI programming with AWT and Swing