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One billion is a pretty big number by any measurement. However, when it's describing the speed at which something is growing, it's simply amazing. We provide training in microsoft techenologies like vb.net and asp.net after our .net course you will be able to develop a project in microsoft dotnet techenologies.

Course Objectives

  • The ability to effectively use ASP.NET.
  • An understanding of the goals and objectives of the .NET Framework.  .NET is a revolutionary concept on how software should be developed and deployed.
  • A working knowledge of the C# programming language.
  • An understanding of how how to use forms to develop GUI programs under .NET.
  • Improved object-oriented programming skill through practice and insights gained by studying a new programming language.


Inside The Android Training Program You Will .

Chapter 1:        Getting Started with ASP.NET

Chapter 2:        Working with Forms and Controls

Chapter 3:        Web Form Validation and Web Site Navigation

Chapter 4:        Enhancing Web Sites using Master Pages and Themes

Chapter 5:        Managing State in ASP.NET Applications

Chapter 6:        Error Handling, Debugging and Tracing ASP.NET Applications

Chapter 7:        Using ADO.NET and XML Data Access

Chapter 8:        Working with XML Data and Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Chapter 9:        Security, Membership and Role Management

Chapter 10:      Web User Controls and Custom Web Server Controls

Chapter 11:      Deploying Applications

Chapter 12:      Implementing AJAX

Chapter 13:      jQuery – A JavaScript Library

Chapter 14:      Web Services and WCF Services

Chapter 15:      Microsoft Silverlight