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The final year projects are considered as one of the core modules for graduate and post graduate cources.Although the credits that this project carries is different from school to school,in different countries,how ever ,all of them agree on the paramount role that the module plays in forming the student's mindset towards performing real life projects.In addition,the final year project aims students to let the students to combine and utrilize allmost all core cources/ they have studuied their graduation journey.This is the reason for paying so much attention to the finalyear project.

You might not be interested in what you have learned in your college class rooms. There is a big fact in carrier world of technology. The fact is the there is a serious demand for 'QUALITY' engineers. There are few engineers who're making handsome money just use the technology they learned.

In fact ,when students start their final year project it is assumed that they have recieved fundemental kowledge they need inorder to suffeciently conduct their projects and other final year project should be considered supplementery to the project implementation.Despite the fact wen it comes to the action point,students faces many issues , such as

  • what is the proper topic i can choose ?
  • how can i conduct my project?
  • what is the methodology and which one is good enogh for my project ?
  • what are stages i should go through ?
  • what kind of tools should i use ?
  • what kind of documents should i prepare ?

We Brainbitz aim to answer these questions and show how to tackle your final project .Our guidence start by showing how to choose a project topic and continue on how to conduct your project. Brainbitz support Computer sciense,Electronics,Biomedical students to implement their ideas.